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5 Oldest Companies in the World still in Business in Engineering and Technology

by Feb 26, 2021Engineering, Networking

The human civilization is thousands of years old. We have been through the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, the Renaissance, the Industrial Age, the Machine Age, the Jet Age, the Atomic Age, and the Space Age, all the way to the current Information Age.

During this lapse of time, the only thing we have accumulated is knowledge, one manifestation of which lies in the developments in technology that humanity has experienced through the ages.

While people can only experience the developments of their contemporary times, there are some companies that have that survived the test of time to witness the technological changes through the ages.

Here are five of such companies, which are still in business:


1.  Ito Ironworks

Ito Ironworks was established in Japan in 1189 AD and specializes in metalworking. Today, the company’s name is Ito Ironworks Co., Ltd and its customers include companies like Hitachi High-Tech Solutions and Kurimoto Iron Works.


2. Barovier and Toso

Barovier and Toso was established in Italy in 1295 AD and has been producing glass products including chandeliers, table lamps, ceiling lamps, and wall lamps since then. Their products are available for purchase even today for those who can afford the luxury of time.


3. Marinelli Bell Foundry

Marinelli Bell Foundry was founded in Italy in 1339 AD, and takes pride in construction of bells. The foundry is regarded as the oldest existing foundry in the world and is the oldest bell foundry in Italy.


4. Skyllbergs Bruk

Established in Sweden in 1346 AD, Skyllbergs Bruk is renowned for industrial processing of metals including Iron and Steel. Today, its activities include nail production and wire drawing and it is one of Sweden’s oldest companies.


5. Cantiere Navale Camuffo

Cantiere Navale Camuffo, also known as Camuffo di Portogruaro, was founded in Italy in 1438 AD, and engages in shipbuilding. As a matter of fact, it is the oldest existing shipyard in the world.


Beat the Competition

These companies have survived the test of time so far but will they survive the test of competition in today’s digital age?

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