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The IBNESTO Rating has been created to help consumers and organizations find reliable and trustworthy businesses to work with.

The IBNESTO Rating is based on several factors including the performance, experience, expertise, trustworthiness, reliability, reputation, certification and the business practices of an organization.

The most important factors that determine the IBNESTO Rating are directly based on the verified reviews of an organization, accounting for up to 72% of the IBNESTO Rating score of that organization.

The next biggest contribution to the IBNESTO Rating comes from the experience and the expertise of the organization, a good measure of which is the period of time for which the organization has been operating.

Another critical factor in the IBNESTO Rating is the trust, reliability, and the reputation of an organization, which is determined based on rigorous assessment of an organization, including background checks, legal status check, checking for licensing and so on.

Finally, the IBNESTO Rating also takes into consideration the business practices of an organization along with its corporate and social responsibilities.


Why Apply for IBNESTO Rating?


Organizations may need to consider applying for IBNESTO Rating because IBNESTO Rating is the most important ranking factor on IBNESTO, since it is directly calculated based on the verified reviews that an organization collects on IBNESTO and takes into account other factors such as the trust, reliability and the reputation of an organization. 


IBNESTO Rating Score Intervals

IBNESTO Rating IBNESTO Rating Score
1 Star 0 - 20
2 Star 21 - 40
3 Star 41 - 60
4 Star 60 - 80
5 Star 81 - 100

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IBNESTO Rating Score Calculation

IBNESTO Rating Criteria Weightage
Organization Performance based on Client Reviews 72 %
Experience based on time in business 14 %
Trust, Reliability and Reputation 5 %
Organization Verification 5 %
Business Practices and Social Responsibilities 4 %

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How to Apply for IBNESTO Rating


Before you submit an application for IBNESTO Rating, please make sure that the organization has been verified by IBNESTO. If the organization has not yet been verified, click here to apply for verification.

If the organization has already been verified by IBNESTO, you can proceed to apply for the assessment of the organization to earn IBNESTO Rating. An organization must also have a minimum of 5 reviews on IBNESTO before applying for the IBNESTO Rating.

In order to apply for the IBNESTO Rating, you must submit the application form on this page. You can access the application form by clicking here or by clicking the apply now button anywhere on this page.

After you have submitted the application, your application will be reviewed by our team. If the organization that you have applied for is eligible for the IBNESTO Rating, a member of our team will contact you to advise you about the Application Fee the organization is required to pay in order for us to initiate the assessment.

The Application Fee will depend on a number of factors, including the Annual Gross Revenue and the number of employees of the organization etc.

This assessment to determine the IBNESTO Rating of an organization may take up to 14 working days to complete from the date we receive the Application Fee.

Apply for IBNESTO Rating

In order to earn an IBNESTO Rating: