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Use the form on this page to suggest new Tags that you would like to assign to your listing(s). Before you suggest a new Tag, please make sure that you fully understand what a “Tag” on IBNESTO is.

What is a Tag on IBNESTO?

A Tag on IBNESTO defines the Products and Services of an organization or the Industries that it serves.

Consider the example of Caweem, which provides Marketing Services and Web Services to Engineering and Technology companies, including Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and so on.

Thus, Caweem should add “Marketing” and “Web Services” as Tags to highlight its products and services.

To highlight the industries it serves, Caweem should also add the following Tags: “Mechanical Engineering Industry”, “Biomedical Engineering Industry”, “Electrical Engineering Industry” and all other Industries it serves.


If you cannot find a Tag that describes your Product, Service or Industry, please use the form below to suggest a new Tag

Suggest a New Tag

In order to Suggest a New Tag on IBNESTO: