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Brukskontoret, Skyllberg, 694 99, Sweden
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Skyllbergs Bruk is one of the oldest firms in Sweden. Skyllbergs Bruk has been processing iron and steel since 1346, and it is now a modern industrial organization specializing in iron and steel goods.

Its specialties include robot welding, as well as more traditional activities like wire drawing and nail manufacture.

Skyllberg Industri AB, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the corporation, is in charge of the company’s industrial output. The company’s activities are built on industrial manufacturing. Skyllberg offers drawn and profile wire, as well as nails in a variety of sizes and finishes. The robot welding branch of the corporation creates and manufactures goods for road and railway construction, vehicle cab components, and road barriers.

Robot-assisted welding is becoming more prevalent in the company’s operations. At the company’s surface treatment factory in Degerfors, welded steel products and nail manufacture are galvanized.

Skyllbergs Bruk also supplier electricity to around 1,400 customers. Since the early 1900s, the power distribution network has been gradually developed. Originally, the electricity was generated by the company’s four hydroelectric power units to meet its own needs.

Nils Ahlgren AB, one of the company’s subsidiaries, is a wholesale supplier to hardware stores and construction supply firms throughout Sweden. Skyllberg has owned this Stockholm-based corporation since 1982. Nils Ahlgren’s goods include nails and screws, fittings, net and fence supplies.

Degerfors, a village about 70 kilometers from Skyllberg, is home to the hot dip galvanizing firm Defab (Degerfors Förzinknings AB), a Skyllberg Group member since 1996. Steel constructions up to 18 meters long can be dipped in molten zinc (460 degrees C) to create a corrosion-resistant surface treatment.

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Brukskontoret, Skyllberg, 694 99, Sweden

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