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Via Zambaldi 33, Portogruaro VE, 30026, Italy
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Cantiere Navale Camuffo, also known as Camuffo di Portogruaro, specializes in shipbuilding and is one of the world’s oldest shipyards.

With the testimony of facts and works, this brief review of six centuries of building wooden vessels for the most various functions, including fishing, transportation, military, and pleasure, displays and presents the uniqueness and exclusivity of Cantiere Camuffo.

It is widely regarded as the world’s oldest shipyard due to its unrivaled, continuous, and documented history of boats made entirely of technological wood: hardened marine super-laminated wood with unlimited durability and unrivaled performance at sea (thanks to its high-performance hull, our C65 saves more than 50 percent in fuel consumption, under the same weight and power conditions, with a 40-tonne displacement and cruising speed of 30 knots).

Camuffo was regarded as “a benchmark for Italian yachting and a touchstone for how to navigate and experience the sea in the best comfort and complete safety, with a real boat” by Nautica magazine in the 1980s. 

Today, in the midst of a global crisis that is eroding confidence but prompting us to consider the future of pleasure boating, Cantiere Camuffo is in an excellent position to guarantee the values of its boats (as evidenced by the second-hand market) in order to renew, over time, that mythical icon dubbed “Stradivariuses of the Sea,” so that the legend may live on.

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Via Zambaldi 33, Portogruaro VE, 30026, Italy