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North Liberty, Iowa 52317, United States
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The KeepTheHeat Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger is intended for industrial and commercial buildings that require fresh air ventilation while conserving electricity.

KeepTheHeat combines fresh air ventilation and exhaust into a single system.

KeepTheHeat prioritizes fresh and exhaust air locations to achieve the desired airflow pattern.

KeepTheHeat transfers heat from the exhaust air to the fresh air in a highly effective manner, allowing it to offer ventilation with little heat loss.

KeepTheHeat works by pumping fresh air into a system of corrugated tubing housed in a 20-foot ventilation duct. To create a clean breathing zone of air, fresh air tubing is sent down the walls.

The exhaust fan draws the interior polluted air into the ventilation duct while the incoming fresh air flows into the building through the corrugated tubing (this is the same section that the corrugated tubing exits the duct). This polluted air is drawn over the corrugated tubing by the exhaust fan and blown outside the building.

This polluted air, drawn at 1,500 CFM from the ceiling, heats the corrugated tubing, which then warms the incoming fresh air moving within the tube. As a heat exchanger, the KeepTheHeat system works in this manner. It transfers the heat that is already present within your facility to the fresh air flowing in from outside.

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North Liberty, Iowa 52317, United States

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