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Engineering Design, Computer Aided Design, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis, LEAN Manufacturing
Engineering, Manufacturing, Computer Aided Engineering
About Us

Since 1979, Monitor Products, Inc. has been a pioneer in the research and production of OEM Engine Cooling Systems and products. Heat Exchangers, Oil Coolers, Power Steering Coolers, and full Fresh Water Cooling Systems for a wide range of engine makes and models are manufactured by us.

We also build heat exchangers for non-marine applications and serve OEM clients in agricultural, fire protection, and stationary power. Our heat exchanger designs have been time-tested and validated in some of the harshest operational environments.

Monitor provides the system-based engineering design capabilities and support required by today’s demanding OEM clients. These services vary from extensive turn-key design solutions to extremely simple product designs, with OEM customers working together on parametric solid models within their PDM system.

Monitor provides a comprehensive Engineering and Design portfolio, which includes a number of key strategic engineering relationships. These strategic technical collaborations, along with over 75 years of in-house engineering knowledge, enable us to provide the most comprehensive cooling system design solutions, as well as a full range of predictive analytical design services and support.


Computational Analysis

Monitor’s Engineering Design Analysis portfolio covers a number of key strategic engineering partnerships. These strategic engineering relationships enable us to provide the most comprehensive cooling system design solutions, including engineered product designs that need the creation of predictive analytic design tools.


  • Linear Stress and Displacement Analysis
  • Non-Linear Contact with Friction
  • Large Deformation/Yielding/Plasticity
  • Transient Loading and Impact
  • Straight and Tapered Helical Thread Analysis
  • Fastener Preload and Joint Simulations
  • Time Dependent Creep and Stress Relaxation
  • Hyper Elastic Materials
  • Weld Joint Simulation
  • Complex Load Sequencing
  • Fatigue / Fracture Mech
  • Linear and Rotational Acceleration
  • Thermal Conduction and Strain
  • Press Fit / Shrink Fit Simulations
  • Contact / Force / Pressure
  • Gasket Interface



Forced vibration models may give a wealth of information on how a certain design responds to a variety of excitation frequencies with defined amplitudes. Forced vibration models use a single sinusoidal excitation force with a constant or changing amplitude throughout a certain frequency range. This type of simulations may also simulate real shaker table testing in a virtual environment by not only supplying an excitation source, but also allowing for results extractions at defined spatial locations, as practical test apparatus does.

By modeling inside a virtual environment, integration of forced vibration simulation at the early phases of product design can drastically minimize the amount of physical iterations and time involved with physical testing.

  • Modal Frequency and Shape Analysis
  • Pre-stressed Modal Analysis
  • Linear and Rotational Forced Vibration
  • Random Vibrations
  • Transient Dynamic Analysis
  • Rigid Body Dynamic Analysis
  • Mechanisms and Forces
  • Mass-Elastic Analysis and Diagrams



Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) throughout the design phase might assist certain designs gain insight into performance while decreasing physical testing expenses and shortening project schedules. CFD simulation services help design teams detect design flaws prior to physical prototype or final manufacturing. This allows teams to optimize designs quickly inside a virtual simulation environment. When compared to traditional trial and error procedures, CFD simulation services may provide considerable cost and project lead time savings to customers.

  • Incompressible and Compressible Fluid Flow
  • Porous Media
  • Valve Analysis (Pressure, Force, Flow)
  • Convective and Conductive Heat Transfer
  • Forced or Natural Convection
  • Free Surface Flows
  • Cavitation Simulation
  • Erosion Analysis
  • Pump and Fan Curve Conditions
  • Scalar Mixing and Two-Phase Flow


LEAN Manufacturing

Since its inception in 1979, Monitor Products has been committed to running a customer-centric company strategy that prioritizes production efficiency and product quality. Following a LEAN strategy in all aspects of company necessitates concentrating on making it clear what provides value by lowering or eliminating everything else.

We believe that the bulk of product quality issues are caused by bad procedures or poor process control rather than by employee shortcomings. Developing a LEAN mentality in the manufacturing process necessitates regular manufacturing process audits, verification, and process modifications. Everyone in a LEAN system is empowered to enhance the process and the final result.

Our production technique is oriented on “workstation”-based manufacturing. Due to the variety of customer volume needs, product markets supplied, and seasonal cycle demands, these variables alone generate considerable loss from production uneveness.

As a result, our ISO-compliant production process prioritizes on-time delivery while generating the best quality goods and keeping the maximum level of flexibility to adjust rapidly to our customers’ demands and expectations.

LEAN MANUFACTURING SOLUTIONS (In-House Developed Mobile Application)

When an OEM client order is received, Monitor creates an internal work order within our accounting system for a certain amount of items to be manufactured. This work order is then integrated into our proprietary Production/Material planning software.

This enables us to develop detailed production and assembly instructions for any chosen product design, including every internal componentry. Along with the manufacturing instructions, these Instructions offer a material choice list separated by each production activity.

From now on, each action in the manufacturing process is accompanied by a QR code, which is read by an Android device (mobile phone) using our proprietary In-House built Android application. Each member of the production team is given a cell phone and is required to use this custom production app.

The operator communicates with the application software to get the start and completion timings of the different manufacturing procedures, as well as the total number of units to be produced during the active production run. This process data is then supplied back into our Production/Material planning software, which is subsequently used to update the current build.

This technology and procedure give us with REAL-TIME data that allows us to correctly know where each production order is in the manufacturing process. The data gathered is then utilized to conduct internal work audits to ensure that predicted labor costs are correct, to track each employee’s productivity, and to remove overall waste throughout the production process.

The Android application is also used to gather and track the amount of time employees spend on non-production jobs such as maintenance and material handling. This feature is used to continuously improve a LEAN production process.


All of the items we manufacture are chemically treated to eliminate oil and grease that might accumulate on the product after part creation. Degreasing is part of the chemical cleaning process, as is acid cleaning, which etches the surface in preparation for painting. Many of the OEM designs we make necessitate the production of a painted product in accordance with the ASTM paint specification specified by the customer. Proper cleaning and pre-treatment are critical steps in the production process to guarantee optimum paint adhesion to the copper surface.


All parts, whether crated or uncrated, are sent with packing protection (depending on the size). We use laser cutting packaging technology to create customized packaging solutions for each product design. We have decades of expertise transporting products locally, nationally, and internationally. We use cutting-edge technology and equipment to produce the best packaging solutions to ensure that components arrive in factory condition.


Our goods are manufactured using a variety of the most current advanced manufacturing equipment capabilities as needed to meet the demands and specifications of our OEM clients.

  • Bridgeport Knee-Mills
  • Turret Lathes
  • Engine Lathes
  • Break/Press
  • 48″ Power Shear
  • Standard Tube Straightener  w/ Cut Off Systems
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