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79 Monroe St., Amesbury, Massachusetts 01913, United States
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Air Conditioning, Industrial Cooling
Agricultural Engineering, Food Engineering, Thermal Engineering
About Us

Munters is a global pioneer in innovative, energy-efficient, and sustainable critical process air conditioning systems. We provide customers in numerous industries where temperature and humidity management is vital, creative, efficient, and sustainable solutions.

The impact on the climate and the environment is decreased by using our solutions, which involve less resource use and consequently contribute to cleaner air, higher efficiency, and lower CO2 emissions. Munters’ business strategy and value generation include an emphasis on sustainable development.

Munters has two business divisions: AirTech and FoodTech.

AirTech is a prominent global provider of energy-efficient air treatment for industrial and commercial applications, with an emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainable climate systems. Our climate solutions also improve interior air quality and comfort while increasing manufacturing capacity.

FoodTech is a world leader in innovative and energy-efficient air conditioning systems for livestock farms and greenhouses, as well as software management and monitoring of the full food production value chain. Our solutions boost productivity by promoting sustainable food production that adheres to strict quality, animal health, and food safety standards.

Our Locations
79 Monroe St., Amesbury, Massachusetts 01913, United States

225 Magnolia Avenue Buena Vista, Virginia 24416, United States

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Commonwealth of Massachusetts, United States of America
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