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Manufacturer, Industrial Oven
Thermal Engineering
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Despatch is a world leader in the production and distribution of high-performance industrial ovens and other thermal goods. Despatch has become specialists in the electronics, healthcare, m […]
Manufacturer, Bulk Handling Equipment, Conveyor System
Industrial Engineering
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States
Flexicon Corporation is a global leader in the design and production of bulk handling equipment, custom-engineered and integrated plant-wide systems, and custom-engineered and integrated pl […]
Hibco Foam Plastics, Inc.
ISO 9001:2015
Thermoplastics, Manufacturer, Plastics
North Carolina, United States
Hibco is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of foam plastics for commercial, industrial, military, manufacturing, and residential uses. We provide a wide range of foam products and raw m […]
Kiesler Machine Inc.
Manufacturer, Hinges
Machine Elements Engineering
Indiana, United States
Under the moniker Toolbin.cc, Kiesler Machine Inc. is a reputable manufacturer of the finest selection of precise heavy duty surface mount adjustable hinges. We design and manufacture a bro […]
KJ Tubing Inc.
Manufacturer, Tubing
Extrusion, Tube Manufacturing
Mentor, Ohio, United States
KJ Tubing, Inc. offers original equipment manufacturers with stainless steel tubing and seamless pipe products (OEMs). We specialize in Hastelloy, Inconel, Incoloy, and Monel alloys, as wel […]
Manufacturer, Shaft Seals
Machine Elements Engineering
Maine, United States
MECO produces full-contact, soft-face mechanical shaft seals. We design, make, and distribute high-quality goods, as well as provide specialized installation and support via personal and ca […]
Edmonton Exchanger
Manufacturer, Heat Exchanger Manufacturer, Heat Transfer
Manufacturing, Thermal Engineering
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Edmonton Exchanger specializes in the manufacture and maintenance of heat exchangers. Our Heat Exchanger Services Division maintains a varied inventory of materials and heat exchanger equip […]
ECCO Supply
Manufacturer, HVAC
Thermal Engineering
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
ECCO Supply™ is one of Canada’s largest distributors of HVAC and related products, proudly partnering with top industry manufacturers in order to offer an extensive selection from the many […]
Morrill Industries Inc.
Manufacturer, Irrigation Equipment
Agricultural Engineering
California, United States
Morrill Industries, Inc. is a market leader in the design and production of high-quality irrigation equipment and products. Every thing we make displays our dedication to craftsmanship, cra […]
Setco Inc.
Manufacturer, Spindle
Machine Elements Engineering
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Setco is a global leader in the design, production, and servicing of high performance precision spindles, as well as maintenance and service, slides, milling heads, precision components, an […]