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3-1 Luger Road Denville, New Jersey 07834, United States
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Glocon, Inc. (DBA Swifter Fans) has been designing and manufacturing industrial and commercial axial fans for over 20 years and serves the cooling equipment OEM and facility air movement system markets. With cutting-edge composite fan blade molding technology and capability to produce fans up to 40 feet in diameter, we can offer customized fan solutions for virtually any industrial-commercial axial-fan application. We were the first to develop large scale production of Ultra-Low-Sound (ULS) fans up to 156” diameter for industrial cooling systems and have supplied over 7000 ULS fans worldwide. In our effort to “Go Green”, we have developed some of the most efficient blade airfoils in the industry that use less energy and provide more performance. In addition, we have developed smart solar powered High-Volume-Low-Speed (HVLS) large-diameter facility ceiling fan systems that can provide peak performance regardless of the amount of sunlight available.

We are always at the forefront of innovation, efficiency, and performance, so whether your needs are fans for equipment or creating a more comfortable facility environment, we can truly help you Perform Better and Achieve More.

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3-1 Luger Road Denville, New Jersey 07834, United States