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565 Orwell Street, Mississauga, Ontario L5A 2W4, Canada
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Spectrum Manufacturing Inc. is a manufacturer and designer of high-quality professional lighting solutions for the entertainment, event, and architectural lighting industries. Spectrum has been in business since 1996 and is known across the world for producing innovative products with high levels of performance and dependability.

Since the company’s inception, our top research and design team has been a technological pioneer, producing inventions such as foam aided plastic injection, chip on board LED, variable phosphor technology, homogeneous multi-color output, and more.

Our cutting-edge facilities, including a light lab, clean room, 3D printing room, and other areas, enable such innovation.

Spectrum Manufacturing takes pride in its production method, which is built on consistency, speed, and quality to assure the best quality in our extensive selection of bespoke LED products and specialist accessories.

Spectrum Manufacturing Inc. established itself as a top-tier producer in 1996 with the introduction of the first plastic injection Color Scroller. Spectrum Manufacturing Inc. soon became a major manufacturer of scrollers under the visionary leadership of the company’s founder by pioneering the use of composite materials, injection moulding, and cutting-edge electronics.

Spectrum Manufacturing Inc. began creating and producing many more electromechanical effect devices in 2002, with the advancement of light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and has since been the pioneer of integrating LEDs into new technologies and high-quality lighting.

Spectrum Manufacturing Inc. was bought by a global distributor in 2003, which boosted the firm and resulted in the creation of the now-famous color block. For the first time in the industry, this product series supplied a small and dependable lighting instrument. The light uniformity and dimming abilities of the color block were distinctive qualities that would come to characterize Spectrum’s product quality from then on.

The company’s inventiveness did not end there. Following the success of the color block, Spectrum Manufacturing Inc. pioneered COB (chip on board) technology, changeable phosphor technology, and the world-renowned homogenized high output.

Spectrum Manufacturing has 30 years of expertise and has established itself as a leading player in quality lighting, which it maintains via continuous expansion and innovation.

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565 Orwell Street, Mississauga, Ontario L5A 2W4, Canada

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