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6100 Old Montgomery Hwy, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35405, United States
About Us

Southern is a manufacturer of specialized shell and tube heat exchangers. Our objective is to guarantee that our clients are entirely happy with the things they purchase from us.

Manufacturing heat exchangers as well as we do at Southern is no easy task, but it is our personal brand and pledge to only supply you with high-quality service and goods. For all of your custom designed and custom produced shell and tube exchanger needs, contact us now.

Southern is prepared to fulfill the heat exchanger industry’s expanding servicing and repair demands.

Because of our experience and reactivity, we have developed a devoted client base, and we are continuously eager to aid additional consumers and service them to the best of our capacity. From pipe size shell and tube systems to feed-water heaters and fin fan units, our professional tradesmen are ready to handle work of practically any size and kind.

Southern Heat Exchanger, a subsidiary of SHECO Industries, has been manufacturing and designing exchangers for a range of sectors since 1961. SHECO has the experience to offer excellent goods when you need them, whether your demands involve high-alloy metallurgy and exact specifications, or whether you want speedy manufacturing with a trustworthy design.

Our committed sales staff will discover the ideal match for your firm while offering the greatest customer service, with production sites in Houston and Tuscaloosa. SHECO is ready to assist you if you have a challenging project that has to be done in the field. Field retubes, weld repairs, tube plugging / pulling, field machining, and other services are available.

The specialists we deploy are professionals in shell and tube heat exchangers.

Since 1961, Southern has supplied over 20,000 units, and shell and tube exchangers have been SHECO’s primary focus since its inception. We’ve created anything from modest 4″ diameter devices that may fit on a table top to 350,000 pound behemoths. SHECO has a world-class staff devoted to offering world-class service, from engineering to purchasing to production.

Allow us to demonstrate why SHECO is the best choice for custom-fabricated heat exchangers.

When you choose to partner with Southern Heat Exchanger, you will see the effects of our never-ending quest of excellence. The dedication that we have shown to our procedures and employees has resulted in consistent outcomes. Our objective is to give certainty so that you may focus on other areas of your projects. Come discover how lovely dull can be.

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6100 Old Montgomery Hwy, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35405, United States

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