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Ametek Solartron Metrology, Steyning Way, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, England PO22 9ST, United Kingdom
About Us

Solartron Metrology is the world’s premier sensor producer, specialized in the development, design, and production of precision sensors for quality control, testing, and machine control.

As one of the leading sensor manufacturers, we provide our clients with a diverse choice of precision measurement sensors that are appropriate for their application. Analog and digital dimensional LVDT precision measuring probes, displacement sensors, optical linear encoders, non-contact sensors, and accompanying equipment are examples of these.

Our sensor manufacturing culture seeks to match customers’ needs for precise measurement sensors, and we are in numerous areas for sensor technology such as aerospace, automotive, and electronics with worldwide reach to expand.

By providing measurement sensors for the automotive, aerospace, electronics, materials, optics, semiconductor, and warehouse industries, you can be confident that, as a leading sensor manufacturer, we have the sensor technology, commitment, and resources to help you do better at measurements, regardless of your precision measurement application.

In addition to our precision measurement products such as Flexure, Lever, and Mini Probes, Block Gauges, Displacement Transducers, and Non-Contact, the inherent simplicity and flexibility of the company’s Orbit® 3 network enables our sensors to interact and function in tandem.

Solartron Metrology has also created laser triangulation product lines. Laser triangulation measurement sensors are widely acknowledged as one of the most effective linear measurement instruments, providing several benefits to users in the industry such as high accuracy, resolution, and speed, as well as strong repeatability and linearity and extended linear measurement ranges.

Furthermore, the ability to obtain linear measurements without any touch helps speed up the sensor production process, saving time and money while assuring that no material is destroyed.

Solartron Metrology is a sensor manufacturer that offers end-users comprehensive linear measurement solutions that combine revolutionary technology from the Orbit® 3 network to allow lasers and digital probes to connect with one another as well as cooperate with partners and customers.

Solartron Metrology, situated in the United Kingdom, is a major sensor producer that exports over 97 percent of its measuring sensors globally.

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Ametek Solartron Metrology, Steyning Way, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, England PO22 9ST, United Kingdom

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