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6785 N.W. 17th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309, United States
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Sen-Dure Products makes bespoke and OEM copper and cupronickel alloy heat exchangers and oil coolers. Sen-Dure has gained a global reputation for superb shell and tube designs, exceptional quality, and customer service for over 80 years.

Sen-Dure Products will design a heat exchanger that will provide maximum performance while also allowing for the most compact and straightforward installation within the constraints of your heat transfer application. Sen-Dure provides the answer for your application, whether it is gearboxes, engine oils, coolants, water, air, hydraulics, industrial, automotive, or marine, one unit or OEM quantities.

Sen-Dure heat exchangers have been designed for use in electronic and industrial applications. Induction heating, microwaves, solvent distillation, potable water chilling, refrigeration, charge air cooling, hydraulics, irrigation, transmissions, and many more applications have been used.

Sen-Dure has been in the Truck/Automotive/Mobile Equipment sector for more than fifty years. Engineers have benefited greatly from our expertise to create Heat Exchangers/ Oil Coolers for on and off highway vehicles such as fire trucks, payloaders, railroad, and military transport.

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6785 N.W. 17th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309, United States

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