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848 East 43rd Street, Brooklyn, New York 11210, United States
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Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Pressure Vessels, Reactors, Columns, Filter Vessels, and Ribbon Blenders are all designed and manufactured by Rubicon Industries Corp. Typically, the equipment is intended for process conditions and physically engineered in accordance with ASME Code Section VIII, Div. 1, internal and external pressure and temperature, vacuum service, earthquake, wind, and external loads.

Rubicon’s goal is to produce competitive, high-quality manufactured equipment while also providing a positive work environment for our workers. Profitability and recognition will be achieved via efficient operations and inventive issue resolution.

Rubicon Industries Corp. was founded in 1974 to manufacture Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers for the Chemical, Petro-Chemical, and Power Generation Industries. We are currently renowned across the world for a diverse variety of equipment used in the Energy, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, and Pulp and Paper industries.

Rubicon has established long-term, professional relationships with numerous clients as a result of its dedication to providing complete services that satisfy high quality standards. Rubicon’s design engineering and production processes are tailored to particular demands while adhering to established norms and standards.

The firm has a long track record that demonstrates its adaptability in managing large and small projects, as well as a wide range of engineering and fabrication services.

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848 East 43rd Street, Brooklyn, New York 11210, United States

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