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4717 Clubview Drive, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804, United States
About Us

Phoenix America LLC delivers to your team over a century of magnetic sensor and encoder experience. Phoenix America LLC, founded in 2000, began by purchasing selected assets from Xolox, a former leader in the magnet and disk drive industries.

What distinguishes Phoenix America LLC is that our expertise and offers encompass not just the design, development, and production of encoders and sensors, but also magnetic compounds and magnetic targets. A customer that works with Phoenix America LLC has the option of purchasing the entire magnetic solution. Every response is tailored to the application’s requirements.

Phoenix America LLC is managed by a management team with extensive experience in the magnetic and sensor industries.

Phoenix America LLC is conveniently situated in the heart of the Midwest, Fort Wayne, IN, to serve quick lead times to any region in the continental United States. Phoenix America LLC is located just minutes from Fort Wayne International Airport.

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4717 Clubview Drive, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804, United States

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Delaware, United States of America
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The Legal Status of PHOENIX AMERICA, LLC has been verified by IBNESTO on July 5, 2022

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State of Delaware, Department of State, Division of Corporations