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3883 Irongate Road, Bellingham, Washington 98226, United States
About Us

ORCA Marine Cooling Systems is a High Performance, High Integrity, High Quality firm that offers the best marine and industrial heat exchangers and cooling systems on the market.

ORCA Marine Cooling Systems has been producing high quality marine heat exchangers and cooling systems in Bellingham, Washington for over 40 years, in one of the premier boating and cruising destinations in the United States. Our systems contain everything required to convert a raw water cooled engine to a long-lasting treated water system that can be installed quickly even while the boat is in the water.

The ability to match heat exchangers and system kits to the exact needs of a certain engine has been a feature of ORCA Marine Cooling Systems’ products. We can create a boat cooling system to fit almost any need. We also manufacture replacement heat exchangers for a variety of marine engines as well as numerous lines of general-purpose exchangers.

Since December 2002, the firm has been under new ownership, and it is building on prior triumphs while consistently creating enhanced processes and products. Our expert artisans are supported by a large machine shop that can design and manufacture bespoke units as well as create production runs for OEM clients.

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3883 Irongate Road, Bellingham, Washington 98226, United States

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