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1500 International Dr., Traverse City, Michigan 49686, United States
About Us

Opti Temp, Inc. is a manufacturer of standard and bespoke chillers, heat exchangers, and heat transfer systems for a variety of industrial and laboratory applications in the laser, semiconductor, medical, plastics, welding, beverage, and other general sectors.

Opti Temp manufactures a wide range of high-quality recirculating refrigerated fluid chillers and non-refrigerated heat exchangers. Our cooling systems are often aimed at higher-end market applications that require well-engineered, dependable, and carefully regulated thermal solutions.

Opti Temp offers the knowledge and competence to deliver a wide range of conventional and unique heat transfer solutions, from individual processes to plant-wide cooling systems.

Please contact us if you have any particular heating or cooling application needs. If a typical chiller or heat exchanger does not match your requirements, we may create a bespoke heat transfer system to fulfill your requirements. Please contact or e-mail us immediately to learn more about our standard and custom developed heat transfer systems.

Opti Temp experts have extensive expertise designing process heating and cooling systems for lasers, welding, semiconductors, polymers, and a variety of other applications. Basic heat and mass transport calculations, as well as cooling system design, are all part of our engineering services. We offer consulting engineering services both alone and in conjunction with our chillers and heat exchangers.

Our cooling systems use simple-to-use standardized control components that have been time proven and are widely accessible in the worldwide marketplace to build a heat transfer system that is designed for years of dependable operation. Our chillers and heat exchangers all come with a complete one-year parts and labor guarantee.

Opti Temp equipment is supported by unrivaled customer service and support. In the odd event that you have problems with your Opti Temp equipment, be assured that our expert team of engineers and technicians is here to help. Our phones are answered by people, not machines. Our ultimate objective is 100% client satisfaction.

In 2008, Opti Temp relocated to a new state-of-the-art production facility, ensuring that we are well-positioned to satisfy the demands of our clients today and in the future. Our dedication to offering high-quality heat transfer materials that meet the ever-increasing needs of new and creative applications is critical to our success.

Opti Temp, Inc. is a multinational supplier that ships its goods all over the world. Cooling system servicing is accessible directly or through our network of service affiliates throughout the Americas, Africa, Europe, Japan, China, and the Pacific Rim. When technical help is required, Opti Temp engineers are ready to collaborate with clients and local affiliates to ensure rapid problem resolution.

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1500 International Dr., Traverse City, Michigan 49686, United States

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