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895 North Main St., Beaumont, Texas 77701, United States
Basic Business
About Us

Ohmstede is known for being the “go-to” option when project scope and/or crises necessitate the use of a big capacity provider. Our varied operations, as well as our Gulf Coast sites, can swiftly adjust and change work activities to meet our clients’ requirements for quality work and on-time delivery.

Partner with Ohmstede throughout the original planning phase to build collaborative communications, use knowledge for an optimal organization, efficient operation, and event control system integrity and dependability.

Shop Services
Ohmstede Ltd. (LTD) offers comprehensive shop services such as cutting-edge safety programs, manufacturing/fabrication technologies, engineering design skills, and quality assurance programs. These assets enable Ohmstede to provide a diverse variety of services and products to our clients, including new capital equipment, new components, maintenance, and cleaning.

Field Services
Ohmstede Industrial Services (OIS) provides management and implementation of process turnarounds, specialist maintenance, and minor capital projects from a single source. Our principles, culture, and philosophy are to finish each event safely, according to specifications, on time, and on budget. Our clients benefit from our flexibility to source offerings for various event kinds that are carried out concurrently within the same project with field and shop services.

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895 North Main St., Beaumont, Texas 77701, United States

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Texas , United States of America
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