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8397 Southern Boulevard, Youngstown, Ohio 44512, United States
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National Heat Exchange Services provides heat exchanger cleaning, servicing, maintenance, and repair at one location. We can handle any size and kind of heat exchanger, condenser, or cooler – either on-site or at our Ohio facility. Request a quotation from us today!


Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger
Chemical circulation, high pressure wash, and chemical soak are used to completely clean Plate & Frame heat exchangers. Any necessary repairs are made after disassembly and testing, leaving the unit ready for assembly and a fresh coat of paint. After being cleaned and painted, the units are hydro-tested and inspected. Our tried-and-true methods restore heat exchangers to 98 percent of their original output.

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
We are the ONLY firm in the world that specialized in shell-side cleaning. Our innovative Enclosed Mobile Bundle Cleaner (EMBC) recovers 98 percent of heat exchanger efficiency. The EMBC employs a high volume flow of cleaning chemical, up to 1500 gallons per minute.

The liquid cleaning solution is moderately pressured and pushed through more than 400 spray jets after being custom-matched to fouling and heated to optimal cleaning temperature. The jets, together with the bundle’s continual rotation, maintain consistent contact with the cleaning substance on both sides. This is the only way to guarantee that the bundle is clean all the way to the center.

Spiral & Welded-Block Heat Exchanger
Regardless of the flow pattern, our heat exchanger cleaning procedure allows us to fully clean all internal passageways. With bubble and/or dye-penetrant testing after thorough cleaning, our trained in-house specialists can readily discover any leaks. Any necessary repairs may be handled swiftly and effectively with direct access to OEM and non-OEM replacement components for all types of coolers.

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8397 Southern Boulevard, Youngstown, Ohio 44512, United States

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