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216 Bay Point Road Georgetown, Maine 04548, United States
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MECO produces full-contact, soft-face mechanical shaft seals. We design, make, and distribute high-quality goods, as well as provide specialized installation and support via personal and case-specific customer care.

For the process industries, our professional in-house team designs and produces split rotating shaft seals. MECO Seal designs and manufactures split and unsplit shaft seals for rotating process machinery such as mixer seals, dryer seals, conveyor seals, extruder seals, blender seals, paper pulper seals, and explosive environment seals in accordance with European ATEX requirements.

MECO Seal develops each seal to your specific application, so we may make them from a choice of materials that are most suited to the process environment in which the seal will be working.

The MECO team has encountered and solved a lengthy list of challenging, industry-specific sealing issues for a wide spectrum of manufacturing clients in over four decades of expertise as inventive shaft seal solution suppliers. With seals that can endure 1″ or more of diametric runout, our client base has extended into new sectors.

Today, MECO seals are trusted by producers in the food, batteries, plastics, maritime, pulp & paper, and building materials industries across the world, where we efficiently address typical concerns with pump seals, mechanical packing, and lip seals of all varieties.
As our clients can witness, the advantages of MECO seal performance are crucial, with demonstrable favorable effects on performance.

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216 Bay Point Road Georgetown, Maine 04548, United States

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