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66 Brunswick Street, East Providence, Rhode Island 02914, United States
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igus® has been producing designed polymers for over 40 years, and it creates all of the materials and technology used in its products. igus® polymer blends are used throughout its product lines of cable carriers, plastic bushings, spherical bearings, linear bearings, guides, and slide tables. The company is committed to using innovative polymer materials to develop products that provide creative solutions and exceed customer expectations while delivering fast, accurate service. igus® is constantly growing its variety of materials and doing rigorous testing to ensure every product meets and surpasses industry requirements, thanks to steady progress and technical advancements.

Every year, igus® engineers create over 100 unique polymer compounds for use in its iglide® bearings. Each of these materials has been thoroughly evaluated in the igus® lab in Cologne, Germany. Over 7,000 tests are performed on each material to examine tribological characteristics, wear resistance, and other factors, and all findings are entered into a large material database. Using this information, igus® engineers can provide an accurate projection of the lifetime of an iglide® bearing in almost any application.

Cable carriers from igus® Energy Chain Systems® are offered with the best combination of components, including cables, internal separators, crossbars, and guiding troughs. igus® also manufactures its own Chainflex® continuous-flexing cables, as well as ReadyChain®, a fully pre-harnessed cable carrier system. Steel factories, mining and crane industries, machine tools, and offshore applications are among the areas where igus® cable carrier systems have been demonstrated. For more demanding applications, cleanroom and FDA certified materials, as well as high temperature resistant materials, are available.

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66 Brunswick Street, East Providence, Rhode Island 02914, United States

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