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9249 Bermudez Street Pico Rivera, California 90660, United States
About Us

Howard’s Engineering has over 50 years of expertise developing, constructing, and supplying a comprehensive range of heat transfer equipment and services to our clients.

Howard’s Engineering strives to deliver the greatest quality and performance heat transfer equipment to our clients and consumers. Howard’s Engineering specializes in heat transfer equipment design, production, and commissioning. We are always looking for skilled people to assist us develop our specialty. Long term, we hope to grow our network and services to accommodate a much larger consumer base.

We proudly manufacture all of our items at our 10,000 square foot production plant in Pico Rivera, California, USA – only 10 minutes outside of Los Angeles.

We make it a point to employ as many components made in the United States as possible, providing the greatest level of quality for our customers.

Howard’s Engineering is committed to environmental preservation. Whether it’s via enhancing overall efficiency, lowering overall operating costs, or constructing a heat exchanger to outlive the building in which it’s put. We go to great lengths to guarantee that our heat exchangers are as efficient as possible.

Howard’s Engineering is a manufacturer accredited under ASME Code Section VIII, Division I. We are authorized by ASME U, UM, and the National Board. We are licensed to do repairs in the state of California.

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9249 Bermudez Street Pico Rivera, California 90660, United States

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