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4941 41st Street, Moline, Illinois 61265, United States
About Us

Environmental Services and Technologies (ES&T) can design, produce, and install a new heat exchanger or repair / rebuild your old one, providing you with unrivaled service. Our crew has worked on a wide range of heat exchanger manufacturers and models, including ABB, Smith, and LTG, to mention a few.

ES&T covers all Air Pollution process equipment and Heat Return application services. From retrofitting to rebuilding your oxidizer to consulting on your facility’s application needs, we have you covered. Whether our customer requires an inspection/audit, an emergency service call, a capital expenditure, or equipment expansion.

ES& T provides unrivaled service and cost-effective techniques. Our objective is to keep your facility running smoothly while simultaneously ensuring compliance with the EPA’s regulations.

We have considerable expertise with the following equipment manufacturers, but are not limited to: ABB PREHEATER, TECH, W.R. GRACE, SMITH, PRO, HIRT, SALEM / ROSS, DURR, MEGTEC, ANGUIL, HUNTINGTON, AND LTG OXIDIZERS.

ES&T has substantial experience in attaining correct air and gas mixture (tuning), which maximizes the burner’s efficiency. ES&T can run a cost study on your existing burner and present you with solutions for cost and energy savings.

We can design and install a new combustion control system, as well as redesign and improve your current burner and combustion control system. We service a wide range of burners, including Low Nox, Line, Airflow, and Circular Burners.

Consider our system maintenance program to assist you minimize burner failure, which will extend the life of your burner and combustion system, save your energy costs, and ensure safety compliance for insurance purposes.

ES&T can service and supply the following items (mechanical and electronic):

Gas Trains
Blocking Valves
Safety Shut-offs
Flame Safe guards
Ratio Controls
Complete Burners & Parts
Pressure Regulators
Pressure Switches
Thermal Couples
Diffuser Plates

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4941 41st Street, Moline, Illinois 61265, United States

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