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5545-89 Street, Edmonton, Alberta T6E 5W9, Canada
About Us

Edmonton Exchanger specializes in the manufacture and maintenance of heat exchangers. Our Heat Exchanger Services Division maintains a varied inventory of materials and heat exchanger equipment, allowing us to swiftly adapt to the precise requirements and specifications of your project.

This facility fully supports our field operations for all heat exchanger services necessary, and will arrange shop time in preparation for field projects per client request to provide a faster turnaround time for field maintenance work.

Whatever the form or size of your heat exchanger, we’re the team to call. We produce, repair, and refurbish any size and kind of heat exchanger at Edmonton Exchanger, including:

Shell and Tube Bundles
Straight-tubed Heat Exchangers
U-bundle Heat Exchangers
Fin-fan Coolers
Hairpin Exchangers

In addition to assisting clients with bundle production, Edmonton Exchanger can offer heat exchanger components.

We also provide a wide range of machining services at Edmonton Exchanger, with a focus on large-scale and tube sheet drilling applications.

Utilize the best machining solution for your job. Edmonton Exchanger’s Large-scale Machining facility is near to our main factory and provides a comprehensive range of machining services. It was primarily developed to handle huge diameter components and has some of the largest equipment of its type.

A lathe and a drill press are common pieces of machining equipment. There are three different sizes of vertical boring mills available, as well as a large-scale horizontal boring mill.

There are three machines available for turning, facing, and boring. Our smallest boring mill can work with materials up to 68′′ diameter x 5′-0′′ height (1,727 mm x 1,524 mm). A bigger machine can handle material up to 13′-0′′ in diameter and 10′-0′′ in height (3,962 mm x 3,048 mm). Our biggest vertical boring mill is also capable of drilling and slotting. It can handle material up to 24′-0′′ diameter x 10′-0′′ high (7,315 mm × 3,048 mm) and 50 tons in weight.

The horizontal mill has a vertical travel of 156 inches and a horizontal travel of 360 inches (3,962 mm V x 9,144 mm H). It may be used for facing, slotting, boring, drilling, and tapping.

Edmonton Exchanger has vast experience in pressure-related component bespoke manufacture and repair. These include “low volume” and “urgent” replacement vessels and exchangers, frequently in support of our field activities.

On a “as required” basis, we may provide rapid fabrication and repair of big and small pressure related components such as pressure vessels, heat exchangers, and other things to get a plant process back up and running. We frequently get requests to repair objects like heads and shell sections up to 20′ in diameter, as well as replace nozzles and internals.

Material modifications are frequently requested to meet specific process requirements and prevent rapid corrosion.

We have vast expertise with various stainless steel and alloy grades.

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5545-89 Street, Edmonton, Alberta T6E 5W9, Canada

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