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575 South Glaspie Street Oxford, Michigan 48371, United States
About Us

Dry Coolers is a company that specializes in industrial fluid cooling systems. We have been designing and manufacturing industrial fluid cooling systems since 1985, ranging from modest, basic point-of-service cooling solutions to complicated, plant-wide systems. Dry Coolers supplies the right-sized, dependable, and energy-efficient cooling solutions for customers all over the world.

Dry Coolers offers the simplest, most cost-effective solution for each customer’s operation using substantial application engineering skills and a diverse palette of equipment alternatives. Dry Coolers examines clients’ process, equipment, and facility needs for more demanding applications in order to optimize the design for their individual circumstance.

Dry Coolers makes the client experience easier by providing process flow diagrams, 3-D layout drawings, and electrical drawings for quick review; shipping equipment intended for easy installation and maintenance; and providing full documentation for smooth, dependable operation.
Customers receive customized attention throughout the process, with Dry Coolers’ Oxford, MI location housing design, engineering, and production.

Dry Coolers equipment cools a wide range of operations in sectors such as automotive, aerospace, medical, broadcasting, agricultural, and energy. Dry Coolers works with clients to discover the optimal cooling solution for their operation, from heavy-production metal heat-treating furnaces to agricultural facilities in dry locations and secure telecoms data centers.

Dry Coolers is a trusted source of dependable industrial fluid cooling systems because to its experience with hundreds of applications, engineering competence, and continual attention on client demands.

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575 South Glaspie Street Oxford, Michigan 48371, United States

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