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About Us

C.H. Bull is your one-stop shop for heat transfer solutions, offering anything from individual components like heat exchangers and oil coolers to whole turnkey packages that include everything you need for a high-performance system.

We don’t simply provide heat transfer goods and systems; we specialize in customizing our heat transfer solutions to match the specific needs of each customer. The key to obtaining the optimum amount of performance for the task at hand is to begin with a suitably sized heat transfer product.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” product that will work for every task. At C.H Bull, we have the expertise to do application assessments of our clients’ processes to guarantee that the heat transfer system we supply is the best and most effective solution for your heat transfer challenge.

C.H. Bull may also create customized goods for your unique use. Almost every product we sell may be tailored to achieve the exact performance you want.

We’ve been in the heat transfer business for more than 80 years, and our present crew has nearly a century of combined expertise. 

Our rivals may come and go, but C.H. Bull has the knowledge and competence to offer service and support throughout the life of your system—as well as new heat transfer systems for your application if and when the time comes. 

We have archives spanning back decades that allow us to provide returning clients with the ideal new goods to replace their old systems.

Heat Transfer Equipment
Do you have a generator with a faulty radiator? We’ve got your back. Do you require a new oil cooler or oil exchanger? We offer a number of models to select from. Looking for heat exchanger replacements for your machinery? Don’t look any further. C.H. Bull has the proper heat transfer product for almost every application.

Heat Exchanger Industrial Pumps
Pumps have hundreds, if not thousands, of applications in industry. While C.H. Bull specializes in pumps and pump systems for heat exchangers, cooling towers, and other similar purposes, the pumps we provide are applicable to a wide range of applications. Please contact us if you are unsure which pump is best for your needs, whether for heat exchangers or otherwise. We’re here to assist!

Our Locations
229 Utah Avenue, South San Francisco, California 94080, United States