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Fluid Control Companies

BI-TORQ Valve Automation
Valves, Actuator
Fluid Control
Illinois, United States
BI-TORQ Valve Automation, a subsidiary of Strahman valves has been serving commercial, commercial and municipal accounts since 1981. Our experience with a broad range of valve and actuato […]
Armstrong Fluid Technology
Heat Exchanger Manufacturer, HVAC
Thermal Engineering, Fluid Control
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Armstrong Fluid Technology manufactures the most energy-efficient and ingenious fluid flow and control devices for HVAC and water-based process application. Armstrong's ingenious Design En […]
Titan Enterprises Ltd
Flow Meter, Flow Sensor
Fluid Dynamics, Fluid Control
Dorset, England, United Kingdom
Titan supplies a range of off-the-shelf flow meters, application-specific flow meters & complete/bespoke flow metering devices & solutions. Our bespoke flow sensors are designed to […]